June 2020

The Map and the Territory

By Christian Roselund

What can energy system modeling tell us about our ability to deeply decarbonize our power grid by replacing fossil fuels with wind, solar, and batteries?

Article | March 2020

Everything Is Disrupted

The coronavirus is crashing the oil economy and reducing emissions, but a recession also isn’t good news for clean energy.

Roland Kupers

Interview | April 2020

Kupers on Complexity & Climate Solutions

Roland Kupers' new book proposes a whole-systems approach to climate mitigation using the frame of complex systems.

Article | February 2020

Oil Shock

The global oil industry has been hit with a shock in the last two months. And while that may reflect a short-term phenomenon, profound structural changes loom in the near future.

Article | February 2020

Microgrids: a Lifeline for Islands

Islands have been deemed the victims of climate change. But they’re now flipping the script and finding solutions that can be scaled globally through microgrids powered by renewable energy.

Article | January 2020

European Green What?

The European Union has taken the first steps toward a comprehensive plan to reduce emissions 50–55 percent by 2030 and become net zero by 2050. And the details of how the continent does this could make all the difference.

Article | January 2020

Can Flying Be Made Carbon Neutral?

Aviation presents unique challenges to decarbonization. And while there are viable solutions, we are running out of time to scale their deployment.

Article | December 2019

The (Green) Hydrogen Economy is About to Take Off

With a 12X increase in the capacity of electrolyzers on its way over the next five years, hydrogen is poised to begin delivering on its promise.