Peak Fossil Fuel Demand

By Kingsmill Bond

Article | January 2020

Making Emissions Visible

The making of products accounts for a huge chunk of global emissions, and figuring out how to even measure the embedded CO2 in any given item represents a set of thorny problems. But where there is a will, there is a way.

Article | January 2020

Can Flying Be Made Carbon Neutral?

Aviation presents unique challenges to decarbonization. And while there are viable solutions, we are running out of time to scale their deployment.

Article | December 2019

The (Green) Hydrogen Economy is About to Take Off

With a 12X increase in the capacity of electrolyzers on its way over the next five years, hydrogen is poised to begin delivering on its promise.

Article | December 2019

Leading from Below

A new report coauthored by RMI finds that decarbonization is being led by states, cities, businesses, and other actors in the United States, while still noting that more action is needed. And how it put numbers on all this is part of the story.

oil rig platforms on water

Opinion |

How Fast?

The era of carbon-intensive energy derived from the burning of fossil fuels will come to an end, and a cleaner, more reliable energy future based on renewables like wind and solar will be the new normal.

Article | November 2019

Decarbonizing Steel and Cement

Some of the most basic building blocks of our modern world are some of the hardest materials to decarbonize. But even here, there are ways.

Article | November 2019

21st Century Urban Mobility

In order to decarbonize the urban environment, we must change not only how we get around cities, but also how cities themselves are planned.

Article | November 2019

“Electrify Everything”

Electrification of transportation and heating is a necessary next step to avoid the most severe effects of climate change.